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Sava Lakh defines the true essence of the Sikh’s pioneering spirit. The Tenth Master, Guru Gobind Singh, infused the warrior’s resilience in a suppressed community enshrining a moral code that inspires and enthralls. Sava Lakh is a beautiful thought, a sublime philosophy affirming, “One man can make a difference.?

Sava Lakh also serves as an acronym for the essentials of the Sikh creed:

Shastar Vidya : Every Sikh should be trained in the art of self defense.
  Langar : All men are born equal
Charity (Dasvandh) - an all-encompassing virtue.
  Khalsa Maryada : Kirt Karo (Dignity of labour)
Naam Japo (Meditation and Introspection).
  Horsemanship : Engenders leadership qualities and connects us to our glorious past.
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